MIWAI 2016
The 10th Multi-Disciplinary International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence
December 7-9, 2016. Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Hosting Policy

MIWAI Hosting Policy

Candidate venues and host institutes for future editions of MIWAI will be elicited by the Steering Committee and, in the case of two or more candidates for a particular year, the Steering Committee will make a final selection. In eliciting and evaluating a candidate venue and host institute, the following factors will be taken into consideration:

  • Standard of available conference facilities at the candidate venue.
  • Experience in hosting conferences of the host institute.
  • Ability of the host institute to independently provide adequate funding for a successful conference, either by itself or through third parties.
  • Willingness and commitment of the host institute to a successful conference.

There is no geographical restriction to the candidate venues. Locations from anywhere in the world will be considered eligible to host MIWAI.

Future venues will be elicited and chosen in as far advance as possible, preferably no later than around 1 year before the scheduled event.

The MIWAI Steering Committee, April 2015